Let's Get Planting!

seed libraryThe Seed Library is back at Williams County Public Library! All locations of the library in Bryan, Edgerton, Edon, Pioneer, Stryker, West Unity and the Local History Center will have approximately 50 different seeds to choose from to start a garden.

Patrons can come in and sign out starter seed packets from any location.  The seeds are free! Those taking seeds are asked to save seeds from plants at the end of the growing season and bring them in to replenish the collection.  This will keep the seed library sustainable. The library is so excited that quite a few seeds were donated back to WCPL from last years’ Seed Library! These were put in labeled packages, to be used again this year.

A seed library is a place where community members can get seeds for free or for a nominal fee and is run for the public benefit. Many seed libraries are open in public libraries and community centers. For some communities, getting folks to garden and grow some of their own food is the focus. For other communities, seed libraries may be created as an important step to develop a network of seed savers, to create locally adapted varieties, to respond proactively to climate change or loss of gene integrity due to GMOs or to preserve genetic diversity. Seed saving is something humans have done for over 10,000 years. Rejoin the ritual and start to save seeds and share the abundance in your community.

For questions contact any location of the Williams County Public Library or check us out on Facebook.