Volunteer & Employment Opportunties


Employment Opportunities

There are no current WCPL job openings.

Volunteer Opportunities


As an employer the library offers an attractive work atmosphere, flexible hours, and access to thousands of library materials. Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, or use the skills you already have. 

Volunteer Policy


Library Assistant Volunteers

[All WCPL Locations]
Volunteer commitment: as available
Due to our decreased funding the library has had to make drastic cuts in public service staff.  Many of the "non-public service" duties that staff had to do, like straightening shelves, cleaning, and keeping the library looking nice are difficult to accomplish with our smaller staff.  Job duties would include straightening, dusting, general cleaning of public areas, and various other non-public service duties.  Hours are flexible and you can volunteer for as much time as you like.  Contact your local Williams County Public Library for more information at 833-633-7323.



Genealogy/Local History Assistant

[Local History Center - West Annex/Bryan]:
Volunteer commitment: As Available
Do you enjoy history or researching genealogy?  Volunteering in our local history department may be just the thing for you.  Job duties include:  answering patron questions, assisting with the microfilm reader/copier, locating materials for patrons, answering phones, database entry, obituary research, and newspaper index research.  The volunteer will receive training from the Local History Manager.  Hours are flexible.  Contact Jared Schnee at 833-633-7323 ext 275 for more information.



For more information and to volunteer contact:
Libby Daniel [Main Library, Bryan] at 833-633-7323 ext. 243
Jared Schnee [Local History Manager] at 833-633-7323 ext. 275
Joyce Gendron [Edgerton Branch] at 833-633-7323 ext. 289  
Cyndi Jewell [Edon Branch] at 833-633-7323 ext. 291
Katie Grine [Pioneer Branch] at 833-633-7323 ext. 293
Connie Aeschilman [Stryker Branch] at 833-633-7323 ext. 297
Dena Filip [West Unity Branch] at 833-633-7323 ext. 295