Patron Code of Conduct

Board Policy:

The Library Board of Trustees encourages all members of the community to use the Library with respect.  We hope that patrons of all ages perceive the Library as a warm, inviting, and fun place to be.  In order to ensure that all Library patrons are able to utilize the Library without unnecessary distractions, each Library patron must behave in an appropriate manner respecting the rights of all users of the Library.

An atmosphere that is conducive to learning will benefit all individuals who use the Library.  Therefore, the Library Board of Trustees hereby adopts the following Code of Conduct, which applies to all Library property.

Administrative Procedure:

Patrons who disrupt the normal work flow or use of the facility by others will be asked to discontinue the disruptive behavior. Failure to comply with the Patron Code of Conduct may result in expulsion from the facility. Law enforcement will be contacted to deal with patrons who refuse to leave the facility or are suspected of engaging in criminal behavior. (ORC 2911.21)

  • Loud or boisterous behavior and other disorderly conduct
  • Vulgar, abusive or threatening language
  • Misuse of Library furnishings or equipment
  • Excessive socializing or conversation without regard of the disturbance to other library patrons
  • Running, throwing, arguing, or fighting of any kind
  • Having bodily hygiene that is so offensive as to constitute a disturbance to other customers using the library.

The following actions are not permitted in the Library: 

  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside all Williams County Public Library facilities. Smoking is only permitted outside of the library in designated areas. 
  • The Williams County Public Library is an alcohol free and drug free facility. 
  • It is illegal to carry a firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordnance anywhere on Library property. 
  • Animals are prohibited, with the exception of certified service animals as defined in ORC 955.43.
  • Food and drinks are permitted only in designated areas.
  • Use of obscene, abusive, threatening or insulting language or intimidating or harassing patrons or staff in the library is prohibited.
  • Entrance into non-public areas of the library without permission is prohibited.

Protect your personal property while in the library or on library property. The library cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen property.

Shirts and shoes must be worn in the Library, regardless of age.

Acts of vandalism and other illegal activities committed on Library property will be reported to the police.

The Library is not responsible for children left unattended.  See our Child Safety Policy.

Patrons who violate the above code of conduct will be asked to leave the Library premises and can  not return until the following day.  The police will be called if a patron refuses to leave.

If any offender breaks a federal, state, or local law, the Library Administration and Local Authorities will set the time of the suspension/ban and any other penalties.  This includes but is not limited to physical harm of employee(s) and patron(s) or property damage.

If asked to leave twice in one week, a patron can not return for one week from the last offense.  With a third offense in one month, they can not return before one month has passed from the last offense.  When allowed back, if the behavior continues, privileges will be revoked for a longer period of time set by the Library Administration.

All individuals have the right to appeal suspension/ban with the Library Administration by an appointment.  Minors (any one under 18 years of age) must appeal with a parent or legal guardian.  Special permission may be granted for use of the Library, during suspension/ban, if a parent or legal guardian is with the minor.

If a patron returns to the Library during a suspension/ban, they are guilty of criminally trespassing and will be arrested.


Approved August 2022