WCPL ONLINE! Watch Events on Facebook Live

As we are currently closed, due to COVID-19, Williams County Public Library will be holding events regularly on Facebook Live! Here is a compilation of all of our Live videos!

Cutting the Cord

Learn about the different streaming services currently available, what devices you will need in order to stream from various providers, and the overall benefits of cutting the cord, such as no contracts, cost savings, and the freedom to choose your provider. Presented by WCPL IT Manager Tyson Horton: https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/221923135573609

Make It Monday

A series where we create things every Monday at 11:30 am. Join us as we make a craft, test out a science experiment, or cook up easy recipes in the kitchen. This series is meant for families to view together! Presented by Marketing & PR Manager Kylee Alemdar

Episode 4/20/20: Make moon sand, and learn how to make an aluminum foil volcano. Then watch the volcano erupt! https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/2467708966872858

Episode 4/13/20: Watch as science experiments with vinegar are tested! Learn to make a bouncy egg and an at-home lava lamp. http://facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/209548513829481​

Episode 4/6/20: Try out this easy homemade play dough recipe! https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/680343126048170

Story Time

Various WCPL staff members read children's books on Facebook Live! Enjoy this library experience from the comfort of your home. (All books are read with permission from their publishers)

Episode 4/17/20 WCPL Reader Pioneer Library Assistant Karen Harris https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/840230466477612

Episode 4/16/20 WCPL Reader: West Unity Branch Manager Dena Filip https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/241307177234680

Episode 4/15/20 WCPL Reader: Stryker Library Assistant Linda Woodall (Video 2) http://facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/3275740169116679

Episode 4/15/20 WCPL Reader: Stryker Library Assistant Linda Woodall (Video 1) https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/237464904142934

Episode 4/14/20 WCPL Reader: Edgerton Library Assistant Amy Curry https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/1159819224366757

Episode 4/11/20 WCPL Reader: Marketing & PR Manager Kylee Alemdar https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/836468543500481 

Episode 4/9/20 WCPL Reader: Edgerton Branch Manager Shanea Herman https://www.facebook.com/mywcpl/videos/268906304133721

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